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The Health and Rehabilitation Informatics field concerns itself with the use of information technology and health information in the efforts to improve personal and community health. We implement an interdisciplinary approach to research by focusing on three specific areas: Telehealth … Read More

Web Accessibility

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Parmanto, B. and Hackett, S. (2010) “A Case Study Examination of the Impact of Lawsuits on Website Accessibility,” Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology (in press)  Full Text Hackett, S. and Parmanto, B. (2009) “Homepage not enough when evaluating website accessibility”, … Read More

Health Information and Data Mining

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Robert A. Branch, Ann Chester, Cathy Morton-McSwain, Soleh Udin Al Ayubi, Kavitha Bhat Schelbert, Philip Brimson, Shama Buch, Yvonne Cannon, Steve Groark, Sara Hanks, Tomoko Nukui, Petr Pancoska, Bambang Parmanto, Stephanie Paulsen and Elaine Wahl (2011). A Novel Approach to Adolescent … Read More


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Parmanto, B., Saptono, A., Pramana, G., Pulantara, W., Schein, R., Schmeler, M., McCue, M., Bienza, D. (2010); “VISYTER: Versatile and Integrated System for Telerehabilitation”, Telemedicine and E-Health. Nov 2010; 16(9):1-6. Full Text Parmanto, B., Saptono, A., Murthi, R., Safos, C, and … Read More

Smart CAT

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Website: http://shrs-tr3.shrs.pitt.edu/smartcat/ Faculty: Bambang Parmanto Doctoral Students: Gede Pramana SmartCAT is an app for treating and assessing teen anxiety. The “CAT” in SmartCAT stands for Child Anxiety Treatment. Traditional clinical assessment of anxiety is limited in that it relies on the patient relaying … Read More


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Faculty: Bambang Parmanto Doctoral Students: Andi Saptono, Wayan Pulantara, Gede Pramana Introduction: VISYTER is an interactive platform for telehealth and collaborative applications. It stands for Versatile and Integrated System for Telerehabilitation and was originally designed as a generic platform for … Read More


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Faculty: Bambang Parmanto Doctoral Students: Wayan Pulantara Introduction: iREST is an innovative mHealth system that supports sleep assessment and monitoring, and provides education on sleep health and and individually tailored sleep recommendations for military SMs and Veterans, with the help … Read More


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Faculty: Bambang Parmanto Doctoral Students: Gede Pramana, Agus Setiawan, Zakiy Alfikri Introduction: iMHere (internet-based Mobile Health and Rehabilitation) is a mobile platform consisting of a smartphone application and a web-based portal. The smartphone application is connected to the portal through … Read More

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