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Faculty: Bambang Parmanto

Doctoral Students: Andi Saptono, Wayan Pulantara, Gede Pramana


VISYTER is an interactive platform for telehealth and collaborative applications. It stands for Versatile and Integrated System for Telerehabilitation and was originally designed as a generic platform for delivering telerehabilitation services (Parmanto et al., 2010). VISYTER is designed to take into account the environments and requirements of rehabilitation services such as minimal equipment and maintenance, low cost of investment, and ease of setup and operation. VISYTER is designed to be able to adjust to different bandwidths, ranging from the very fast new generation of Internet to residential broadband connections. The software platform is suitable for supporting low-volume services to homes, yet scalable to support high-volume enterprise-wide telehealth services. The system is also designed to be open and extensible, making it possible to work with various devices and software applications to support telehealth and collaborative applications. VISYTER is also a secure, integrated system that combines high-quality videoconferencing with access to EHRs, and other key tools in telerehabilitation such as stimuli presentation, remote multiple camera control, remote control of the display screen, and an eye contact teleprompter. VISYTER is a platform for interactive collaboration that allows two or more clinicians to share program applications (such as health record system), power point presentation, and other applications while seeing each other via videoconferencing.