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Faculty: Bambang Parmanto

Doctoral Students: Gede Pramana, Agus Setiawan, Zakiy Alfikri


iMHere (internet-based Mobile Health and Rehabilitation) is a mobile platform consisting of a smartphone application and a web-based portal. The smartphone application is connected to the portal through a secure two-way communication channel. The communication channel provides a seamless store-and-forward mechanism that operates at near real-time speed. This unique feature improves the reliability of the store-and-forward mechanism by ensuring information delivery even if a connection is lost. The iMHere application consists of several mini-apps. The iMHere portal provides an interface for clinicians to remotely manage the smartphone app and to monitor the telerehabilitation services. Using the two-way connection between the smartphone and the portal, clinicians will be able to remotely review the patient’s data and provide support. At the same time, the patient can use the smartphone as an independent application.

Past Members: Daihua Yu